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Soy Sauce Facts

What is Soy Sauce
We want to educate people about soy sauce and help inform you about this amazing product that has such an amazing history. We strive to offer the best quality product that is GMO free for our customers.

How is soy sauce made?
Select the link for A 750-Year-Old Secret: See How Soy Sauce Is Still Made Today

Chemical soy sauce vs fermented soy sauce?
Chemical soy sauce can be made in 3 days where fermented soy sauce like ours takes up to 6 months. . How Is Soy Sauce Made and Is It Bad for You?

Is soy sauce healthy?
The following is a great article that takes you through all health aspects of soy sauce. How Is Soy Sauce Made and Is It Bad for You?

Do you know your soy sauces?
There are many differences in soy sauces. Ours is naturally brewed and fermented with no additives.  Click the link to find out more Do You Know Your Soy Sauces? Watch this video Different Types of Soy Sauce Explained

Gluten and fermented soy sauce
Are you concerned about gluten? Our soy sauce is fermented for up to 6 months. Look at the following articles explaining how fermentation reduces levels in soy sauce. Is Soy Sauce Gluten-free? – Celiac.com  and click on this one White Paper : The Current State of Scientific Knowledge about Gluten – Canadian Celiac Association

Unfermented vs Fermented Soy Sauce
Our soy sauce is fermented. Have a look at the following link to explain the benefits of fermentation. Unfermented Soy vs. Fermented Soy

What is umami?
Have a look at the following video to explain this 5th taste that our soy sauce brings to the Umami The 5th Taste, Explained

Chinese vs Japanese soy sauce
Our soy sauce is traditionally brewed Japanese soy sauce. Have a look at the following link for the differences between Chinese and Japanese soy sauce.
The Ultimate Guide to Soy Sauce | Epicuriouswww.epicurious.com

How do you use soy sauce?
There are many ways to use this amazing product. Click on the link for this great article to give you recipe ideas! 25 Ways to Use Soy Sauce